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Note Page

This page is about my leaning locus.
It's maybe insufficient for using to learn.
Most of information in this page are about Programming, Server and so on.
And most of them are renewed on the situation.

In addition, I make some pages about really locus.
These are about content of lectures in MMA and so on.
And these are certainly NOTE not for utilising.
Maybe for reminiscences or retrospect.

About Web Server Construction.

In 2010, I got some parts of a Personal Computer.
So I decided to construct Web Server.
This page is my locus of constructing and agony.

But most of these information was about WordPress, it's Blog service.
First, how to use Windows Server 2008.
Second, to update Windows Server 2008 to WS2008R2.
Finally, to construct my web page.
I'll inform you of the details on next page.

About Functional Programming, Erlang

I'm interested in Programming, but I can't do it all enough.
I learned Programming C in Fundamental Programming, which is a for freshman lecture.
But I'm not good at C and so on. And it is too prolixity I think.

So I will learn Erlang, it is a type of Functional Programming.
It is usable for parallel computing, for example, Twitter.
"Erlang run N times faster on an N-core multiprocessor".

Various Notes

[ 2011/04/18 Monday ]
R Language Learning Assembly was conducted.
Is it for statistics language?

[ 2011/04/23 Saturday ]
Today, Mr.Renda gave a lecture for us SuperUser ought to be.
I thought it's so useful for me. I made note of this lecture.

[ 2011/05/07 Saturday ]
Mr.Renda taught us about Daemon, Service and so on. I made note of this lecture.

[ 2011/05/14 Saturday ]
About Aoache

[ 2011/05/28 Saturday ]
About DHCP and Network Booting

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