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== memo ==
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= Status = == references ==


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This pagename is reserved for open status line of MMA's infrastructures.

These may better to put here:

  • server status
  • network statistics (up/down data amount, averAge connection speed, ratio of IPv6/IPv4+6, ...)
  • network status (for CIRCLENET; should be like heart beat of something.)
  • door opening/closing STAT (should NEVER be raw data that may be used for unwanted purposes.)

...and everything else that can be called 'a heart beat of the circle, MMA'.

Beautiful status page is lovely to see.

  • Analog-look 'Green/Red light' is cute (please see Twitter API status page)
  • Clean-looking pi chart or graph with some of famous JavaScript library may be good (for e.g. IP version ratio.)


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